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Our Story

Once, you loved soda. You got it with everything. Like, for example, summer. Sandwiches. And road trips, too. You enjoyed popping that top and letting sweet soda satisfaction overcome you.

But then, you learned that soda was bad. Bad for you and bad for the world. With corn syrup and additives, unspeakable things, soda had betrayed you. So, you parted ways. Eventually, you found seltzer, kombucha, coffee, coconut water, what have you. But you never settled on one thing. You never found a favorite.

Then, you come across Uchie. A soda that’s better for you and good to you. In fact, it was created for you. How you live, what you value and what makes you feel good. To be sweet to you in all the ways traditional sodas aren’t. Satisfying when seltzers fall flat. To bring your favorite foods a fizzy finish. To refresh and reward you throughout the week. And to mix up your cocktail hour. Adding a little sweetness to everything you do, Uchie is the healthy indulgence that’s entirely meant for you.

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Treat yourself right.

Uchie isn’t packed with productivity-optimizing energy enhancers or prebiotic digestive enzymes. It’s an organic soda you drink because it tastes good, and because it feels good. Because it’s satisfying soda deliciousness without the guilt. And it helps you make life a little sweeter.

For some, that means taking that sober-curious stance one step further. Or mixing up a cocktail that’s tastier. Finding a more satisfying sidekick for your sandwich. Making room in your fridge for a weekly pleasure fest in a can. Or sharing sunset sips with your friends for the first time in a long time. As a soda for a new age, Uchie helps you treat yourself, and still treat yourself right.

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